A Night of Live Music

Thursdays at 9:30 - Patrick Molloy's, Hermosa Beach

Live music dedicated to improvisational sonic exploration and camaraderie between musicians and music lovers

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The South Bay music scene has long been a point of great pride for the local community. Not only are there many fantastic musicians residing and playing here, but there is a strong bond of love, friendship and respect between the musicians.

Known as the South Bay Music Family, this group also includes music lovers who support the live scene, as well as musicians from surrounding areas.


The South Bay Jam represents something different to each person who comes to play.  For some, it's a way to build confidence and gain stage experience, and for others it's a way to hone their live sound.

For the musicians who play regularly, the Jam is their outlet for abandoning the usual gig structure and to let loose and try new things, and a great way for musicians to network.

For non-musicans, these nights represent a fun escape and a chance to see the musicians in their natural improvisational element.

Show Us What You Got

Jam With Us!

Whether you are a beginner looking for stage experience, a pro who wants to strut your stuff, or anyone in between, the South Bay Jam has a stage for you

Those who want to play can submit a request on this site, naming the instrument you play and songs you’d like to do. You can also post on our Facebook Page  or private message Barclay Roach on Facebook. We will do our best to accommodate each player every week. The House Band has also compiled a database of tunes that those who would like to play can choose from which you can view here.

For more information on what you can expect, check out the FAQ.

Contact Us


Include your official site, Facebook page, Bandcamp, ReverbNation, etc. If you don't have any formal online presence please include at least one YouTube video or SoundCloud link of you playing live.



Our song list is Here, though with a few weeks notice we can take requests. Feel free to request as many as you like but due to time constraints no guest artist is typically able to play more than two standard length songs or one longer one. If you've got an original please note it in the "Message" box below and include a dropbox link to charts and/or an mp3 or video so we can hear it.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Sign Up?

    Use the sign up form above by the Sunday of the week prior to when you want to perform. 

    The set list and lineup are generally finalized on Monday afternoons.  First time performers are generally limited to just one song their first night up, especially when it’s crowded.  The most any singer will be able to perform in a single night is two.  Instrumentalists can expect to feature on no more than a song or two but if there are open slots on the grid feel free to volunteer!

    Once you've signed up you'll be added to the email list where we will share the current week's grid.  

    When you sign up please note:

    • Key signature
    • Any specific version of the song you're going for
    • Include a Spotify or YouTube link if possible.  (Spotify preferred)

    If you have specific musicians you're bringing or want to play with specific people from our crowd of regulars, please reach out to those individuals and secure their agreement prior to requesting the song.  

  • Do I need to bring an Instrument?

    You’re free to bring a guitar or horn, but expect to use the pedalboard, keyboard rig, and of course drum kit from the house band.  Anything is possible with pre-planning, but as a rule of thumb simple is better.

  • What Songs does the House Band Know?

    The house band switches up from week to week so we don't have a set list.  That said, we have yet to encounter a song we couldn't knock out.  Note that complicated songs may take more than a week to get down.

  • Are Original Songs Allowed?

    We generally like to stick to covers, but once we’ve gotten to know you feel free to request to perform an original tune with the following stipulations.

    1. Give us at least two weeks to learn your song.
    2. Provide us with an mp3 and preferably a chart.
  • What level of musician do I need to be to play at the South Bay Jam?

    You need to be comfortable performing with a full band and confident enough to rock the house. 

    If you’ve never performed live before you might consider visiting Barclay’s weekly Open Mic Mondays at Manhattan Beach Hennessy's, or Bill's Open Mic on Wednesdays at Project Barley in Redondo Beach to work on your chops before graduating to the South Bay Jam.  We’ve had more than one musician debut with a full band at the Jam and it’s a joy to help new members of the South Bay Music Community on their journey.

  • Where can I see video of the South Bay Jam?

    Most weeks we live stream the Jam on the South Bay Jam Facebook Page.  When that happens the recording is generally available if you ask for it.

    You can also find plenty of videos of the South Bay Jam on our Instagram.